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St Leopold Mandic Novena and prayer

St Leopold Mandic Novena

St Leopold Mandic Novena and prayer

God, Almighty Father, you made Saint Leopold a rich source of your grace for all who had recourse to him. Through his intercession, may we live our lives in love, relying entirely on your will, and strong in the hope of your promises.
Glory be to the Father

God, you show your almighty power most clearly when you grant mercy and forgiveness to sinners. You made Saint Leopold an outstanding witness through his ministry in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Grant us the grace to celebrate the Sacrament joyfully, and so experience your great love.
Glory be to the Father

God our Father, through Christ your Son who died and rose to life, you redeemed us, and you gave us Saint Leopold as a fatherly presence to comfort and guide us in our trials. Pour into our hearts the certainty of your presence and help.
Glory be to the Father

God, source of communion for all your sons and daughters, you wanted Christ to be the only Shepherd of your Church. Through the prayers of Saint Leopold, that silent prophet of spiritual ecumenism, infuse your Spirit into us, so that we may pray and give our lives for the unity of all who believe in you.
Glory be to the Father

God, you wanted Mary to be Mother of Christ and Mother of the Church, and you gave Saint Leopold a tender devotion to our Lady. May we know in our own lives the joy of her motherly protection and love.
Hail Mary

God, glorious Lord and Father of life, we entrust to your love all our hopes and prayers. Through the intercession of Saint Leopold look kindly upon your sons and daughters, and hear the prayers you have inspired in us. Through Christ our Lord.

Who was St Leopold Mandic, Servant of the reconciliation, who confessed daily for 10 hours for 50 years? His Life, Prayer, Novena and body in Padua.

The Basilica of St Anthony of Padua

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